African Television Movie

African Television Movie was founded in 2011 and is a 100 percent non-profit partner of Nemeth/Star Productions®.
We are devided into 3 parts to cover all areas of the african continent.
In particular, the African Television Movie in its short form "ATM" has done so for the production "Inside a Volunteer Year in South Africa" ​​and "Inside Ethiopia" together and thus was founded in 2011.
You will find all information about how we want to achieve that and our contact for Feedback and Questions at our FAQ page.

African Television Movie and associated projects - News and Updates:
09.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Start of the African Television Movie Website
01.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Encrypted e-mail reception / delivery via PGP now possible
01.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos online
08.10.2018: [English] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos premieres October 20th 2018
27.09.2018: Beta Start of the Website from African Television Movie
13.04.2018: The CitySpeedView page on our official website is unlocked
08.04.2018: Inside Ethiopia is available for viewing on the official website
06.04.2018: CitySpeedView will start on April 13th and will be published monthly
01.03.2018: Content delivery at Vero
28.02.2018: Inside Ethiopia - Season 2 progress
26.02.2018: Introducing African Television Movie
28.01.2018: African Television Movie supports production of CitySpeedView

Filming, Traveling, VoiceOver, Hosting, Software - everything is not for free. If you want to support our Productions and our non-profit thoughts you can do this via PayPal Me! Thank you very much for your support.
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